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    Dezzi's character list


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    Dezzi's character list Empty idk

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    Dezzi's character list Empty Mmm

    Post  Vaga on Sat May 01, 2010 10:26 am

    you make me hard.

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    Dezzi's character list Empty Dezzi's character list

    Post  Dezzi on Sat May 01, 2010 10:10 am

    A list of all characters whom belong to, were created by and are currently owned by Dezzi. They are not for sale, free, useable with permission or anything else. The only person who is allowed to use these characters is Dezzi.

    The following list will be named with each character and what they are, also if they are taken, seme/seke/uke.

    Na-kun: Neko: Taken: (Seme)
    Ranmaru:Neko: taken: (Seme)
    Ritzu: Neko: taken:(seme)
    Cain: Vampire: taken: (seke)
    Venn: Vampire: taken: (seme)
    Rickets: Snow leopard/Fox: taken (seme)
    Misaki: Tree demon: taken (seme)
    Fal: Incubus: taken (Seme)
    Hana: Incubus: taken (seme)
    Shishi: wolf/researcher: taken (seme)
    Nagi: angel/researcher: taken (uke)
    Ketsu: god of life:female: taken
    Angau: shinigami: taken (seme)
    Aya: Heaven council leader: taken (uke)
    Hisao: god of time: taken (seme)
    Izuli: god of water: taken (seke)
    Kendu: god of thunder: taken (seme)
    Seiichi: heaven council member: taken (uke)
    Yuka: four winged angel/heaven council member: single? (?)
    Ozuki: former god: taken (uke)
    Ozu: part of Ozuki: taken (seme)
    Havi: heaven council member: taken (straight)
    Ikuto: raccoon dog: taken (straight)
    Oden: demon king: taken (seme)
    Hokulani: Deity of solstice: Taken (uke)
    Keir: Deity of Fate: taken (seme)
    Razi: Fallen: Taken (seme)
    Ruki: Human: taken (uke)
    Lukus: human: taken (uke)
    Hadori: elf/demon: taken (seme)
    Reesa: human: Female: single (bi)
    Kazuki: crow demon: Taken (uke)
    Dezzi: wolf/dragon: taken (seme)
    Mao: wolf/cheetah: single (seme)
    Yubi: virus/wolf: single (???)
    Aukai: fennic fox: female: single (bi)
    Nova: mutt: single (seke)
    Avalon: dragonfly: single ? (seke)
    Espada: dragonfly: single? (seme)
    Larnyx: ??? deity: single (???)
    Yugari: King Cheetah: taken (seme)
    Jazz: king cheetah: single (seke)
    Klause(Bones): Reaper: Taken (seme)
    Tone: African flat lizzard: single? (sota)
    Gelsey: Leafy: single (???)
    Gandi: coral snake: taken (seme)
    Keahi: tanagori: taken (seme)
    Devyne: tanagori: single (seme)
    Servern: Jelly fish: single (uke)
    Kanone: aussie mix: taken (uke)
    Chicago: ink creation: taken (universal)
    Vier: elf: taken?? (seme)
    Hadori: elf/demon: taken: (seme)
    Sah: Keesah: single (uke)
    Haru: utauloid: takenish? (seme)
    strawberry Icecream: mutt: single (uke)
    Tas: neko: taken (uke)
    Tamu: jap mobster son: taken (seme)
    Osiris: giant python: taken (seme)
    Ozzy: prince: taken: (uke)
    Mu: micro red panda: taken?? (seke)
    Seiji: human/hacker: taken: (seme)
    Harajuku: fennic fox/ferret: single??? (uke)
    Rydle: Kelpie: taken: (seme)
    Yoru: Incubus: taken: (seme)
    Gamu: dragon: Single: (seme)
    Tobi: lemur: taken: (uke)
    whisk: dragon: single (???)
    Chuma: egyptian prince: taken: (seme)
    Barazi: Bollywood dancer: taken (uke)
    Ashen: Doll: single (???)
    Paprika: spice spirit: single (uke)
    Liquor: experiment: single ish?? (uke)
    Remmy: ghost: single (seme)

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