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    Vaga's Character list


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    Vaga's Character list Empty Vaga's Character list

    Post  Vaga on Sat May 01, 2010 8:38 am

    A list of all characters whom belong to, were created by and are currently owned by Vaga. They are not for sale, free, useable with permission or anything else. The only person who is allowed to use these characters is Vaga.

    The following list will be named with each character and what they are, also if they are taken or not.

    -Vaga, Nekoinu, Taken
    -Borealis, Gecko, Taken
    -Aiko, incubus, Taken
    -Neebu, Usagi, Taken
    -Walter, Human gangster, Taken
    -Larna, Plant, Taken
    -Cou, Snow leopard, N/a
    -Aloc, Zombie, Taken
    -Yue, Dragon, Taken
    -Stigma, Incubus, N/a
    -Chang-li, Eastern dragon god, N/a
    -Cyrien, Raptor, N/a
    -Nellu, Knight, Taken
    -Rainbow, Winged child, Taken
    -Ophelia, Neko, Taken
    -Rah, Egyptian, Taken
    -Basho the blind, fallen angel, Taken
    -Shinringo Yu, Impalla, Taken
    -Robbie, Human, Taken
    -Rinni, Vocaloid thing, Takenish
    -Cili, Tanagori, Taken
    -Ni, Microneko, Taken
    -Pumpkin, Demon, Taken
    -Fag, Reaper, Taken
    -Asher D'seva, Vampire, Taken
    -Noff, Usagi, n/a
    -Jingle, flopped eared rabbit, Taken
    -Kamiji, Neko, IDK
    -Demon, Demon, Taken
    -Tobe, Inu, Taken
    -Franz, fluffy thing, taken
    -Puppi, android, Taken
    -Prowling, hell hound, idk
    -Bubbles, Hound, idk
    -Sugarcube, Red panda, taken
    -Kami, Nazi exp., Taken
    -Apala, Sea dragon, Taken
    -Neoi, Patchi, N/a
    -Ann [only female]
    -Shing, black koi, taken
    -Nyu, Slave, Taken
    -J'po, Racoon, idk
    -Itzai, Chuffle, Taken
    -Solomon, inu, taken
    -Cycle, Leafy, idk
    -Guns, YingYang, idk
    -Imitation, Droid, idk
    -Tobu, Masked god, n/a
    -Ani, Blind unicorn, idk
    -Ida, Unicorn, Taken
    -Boo, Nazi Neko, Taken
    Tal, Drow, Taken
    This is only give or take a few. These are all my current characters and so on and so forth.

    if you see one thats N/a or IDK that means they might have a mate- i just don't remember. Ask me and i'll be glad to tell you about them.

    All characters are copyright of Vaga Donda.

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