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    Solving the case


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    Solving the case Empty Solving the case

    Post  Dezzi on Thu May 06, 2010 9:56 pm

    a short story i'm working on, about a detective and the people he meets along the way as he tries to solve the case of the Takikuya murder. I'll post more as i type C: hope you enjoy

    It was dark inside a high rise apartment, the house was a mess, possessions trashed about, and glass broken and things toppled over, clearly the result of a struggle. In the last room the door was slightly ajar, inside a body- wide blue eyes stared up towards the ceiling, seemingly lifeless. The body they were home to frozen, the rigid body was bound, wrist bound by cuffs and held high attaching to a thin pole, blood that ran down the arms dripped onto the wood floor. Legs slightly spread apart, ankles broken to prevent kicking and escaping. The sickening scent of fresh blood hung in the air. The body was riddled with gashes and cuts. Long elegant pale blue hair was splashed about the floor tinted a deep red. Fresh blood ran from a long angry slit across the neck. The look of utter brutality as detectives investigated the scene, white cloth covering their noses to keep from gagging.

    “How long as he been here?” asked A man with jet black hair. He turned his eyes away from the body as an officer answered.

    “Two Days Sir.” He said face avoiding all eye contact. The detective nodded looking back at the corpse leaning and closing those fear stricken eyes.

    Hazy green eyes opened slowly; just why in the hell did he have to have that memory as a dream? He shook his head short black hair shaking with the movement as he pulled himself up from his desk. He groaned some as his back popped softly. He had just graduated college a few months back before he settled with this part time job. A detective, He had been working on the Case of the murdered boy; Sora Takikuya, he wanted to get the damn killer. What didn’t sit well with him were the story the neighbors told and the story the supposed lover told, the lover a man by the name of Tsukasa Givyer swore that he didn’t kill Sora, but from what the neighbors said, they claimed they saw Givyer leaving the apartment just 24 hours before Sora was found dead. One of them was lying.

    The sounds of the phone brought him from his thoughts, picking it up and holding it with his shoulder “Detective Audrey, how can I- …oh, Alright, I’ll be there shortly” He hung it up, standing quickly he grabbed his dusky gray coat and pulled it over him grabbing a hat and a black scarf, wrapping it around his neck, black gloves on his hands. It was winter, a cold hateful time of the year. Pointed ears twitched slightly as he walked out of his office. He walked along the congested streets of downtown Burli, down to a small hub in an alley, He walked in greeted by the waitress before he sat at the bar, green eyes watching the bartender as her rather large breasts bounced as she shook one of the drinks up fluffy fox ears above her head were dressed in silver earrings that trailed up them. He chuckled some

    “So why did you call me Yukari?” he asked softly, watching as she walked over to him and leaned her elbow on the table.

    “Must you always call me by my name? I told you, call me Jewel” she said a cherry red claw poking at him. She sighed some before making him a drink.

    “There’s some bad vibes going on around here, that kids death, it’s causing some kind of uproar” she said handing it to him. “Just who was he? Do you know” she questioned.

    “ He’s the son of a pretty well named Drug lord in London” Audrey said with a sigh, causing Jewel to blink

    “London?! …but that’s not even in this world” she said earning a nod. “So why in the hell was the poor thing here alone?”

    “Because he was running…” He said before he stood. “I can’t give out information to you Jewel, not for you to go blabbing it out to everyone” He sighed some, which made Jewel puff her cheeks out.

    “well fine, but when you need to find someone Tetsu don’t come to me” she retorted with a point of her nail.

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